Tutorial Contributors
We'd like to say a huge thank you to these wonderful ladies who have contributed to our tutorial packages.

Aly Adcock, Gretchen Barron, Kylie Bertucci, Anne Brignall, Lynette Couper, Delys Cram, Ros Davidson, Melissa Davies, Danielle Daws, Nicole Derendorf, Paula Dobson, Bronwyn Eastley, Monique Fielder, Genna Gifford, Tina Gillespie, Helen H, Lisa Jansen, Samantha Kaspers, Sarah Klass, Tanya Kitto, Julia Leece, Sue Madex, Judy May, Gayatri Murali, Sarah Newman, Gardenia Pepworth, Lynn Pratt, Amanda Reddicliffe, Kathryn Ruddick, Louise Ryan, Nikki Sadler, Kim Score, Anna Sutherland, Kristine Thompson, Deb Townsend, Alisha Watson, Vivian Tomren

Other Helpers
We'd like to say a big thanks to these ladies too who have contributed behind the scenes. Kathryn Ruddick, Kristine Thompson, Alisha Watson, Sue Denning, Elaine Hannam, Kathryn Mangelsdorf, Kylie Bertucci, Judy May.

And a huge thanks to Simon Sherry for our blog header, logo, buttons and other technical help.

The Helping Hudson Team

Genna Gifford, Jo Sherry, Tina Gillespie, Gardenia Pepworth, Christine Blain, Sue Madex and Nikki Sadler