Saturday, August 21, 2010

Helping Hudson Team: Gardenia Pepworth

Time to meet another member of the Helping Hudson team - the gorgeous Gardenia Pepworth.  Gardenia has been involved behind the scenes in all the planning, proofing and other jobs along the way, and she set up the Helping Hudson facebook page to help get that word out near and far.  She's also been such a positive, happy, breath of fresh air. 

Gardenia contributed three tutorials for the project - what a sweetie. You can find instructions for her scallop bauble in our Christmas Bundle, a funky Christmas tree in our Punch Art Bundle and a nifty tutorial on hidden journalling in our Scrapbooking Bundle.

Let's find out some more ....

"I joined Stampin' Up! just over a year ago, and since then have been very fortunate to meet alot of lovely ladies to share my passion with.

I am a mum of three, and when I am not busy being a mum, I spend my spare time creating!

I am so glad to have been part of this great cause, I hope you all have fun and get the most out of this blog!

Enjoy and Happy Crafting,"

Gardenia Pepworth

You can visit Gardenia at her blog:  A Little Less Useless


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