Sunday, August 8, 2010

Week 2: Challenge 5 - Sketch


In our second week of Helping Hudson challenges we have another sketch for you to create with. Johanna Sherry has designed this fantastic sketch to inspire you.

Here is a card sample created by Johanna.

Johanna's inspiration for this card came from a tutorial on creating scallop borders which was donated to the Helping Hudson fundraiser by the very talented and generous Amanda Reddicliffe.  You can find this tutorial in our bonus bundle, which you get FREE when you purchase four or more of our other tutorial bundles.  You can find Amanda's blog here, and information on our tutorial bundles here.

Remember to head over to the Challenges Page to check entry and eligibility conditions, and to make your Paypal donation .
Entries that don't comply will not be eligible for prizes.
The Helping Hudson team look forward to seeing your challenge entries.
You have until midnight on the 14th to get your entry in.

Good Luck!


  1. This challenge I am going to have to think about for awhile ... you have me stumped.

  2. Have I mentioned that my circle scissors hasn't emerged from it's packaging since I purchased it from the Summer Mini??? aaaaahhhhhhh!! I know what I HAVE to do this week!

  3. Oh my gosh, I am such a doofus! I made my card, bot it all posted at my blog then completely forgot that I needed to come over here and post it too. That will teach me to leave things until the last minute.... (although I'm not sure I know how to operate any other way...!)

  4. Does Sarah realise that she still hasn't posted her card??? I'm glad I'm not the only doofus around here! I am with Katie ... I am a little stumped! Not a huge fan of circles ... will see what I can come up with! Hugs Andrea xxx

  5. Giggle! Just finished my card for this one ... and came on to post it. Why did I not get that Sarah hadn't posted her card because the links had closed??? I even commented on it!!! Sarah and I can start a club!!!! But ... I think I will be president! Hugs Andrea xxx