Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Helping Hudson: The Wrap Up!

Well here we are at the end of the 3rd and final week
of the Helping Hudson project.
And what fun it has been.  

We thank you so much for getting behind this project and helping to create the heartwarming spirit that has surrounded it.  A huge thank you once again to our generous tutorial contributors and to everyone else that has helped behind the scenes, taken part in challenges, purchased tutorials or made a donation. 
We are so very grateful to you all.

The Helping Hudson team would also like to thank our wonderful families for their support, patience and understanding while we've been working on this project.

When the Helping Hudson team got together and decided to plan this fundraising event we knew that Tina and Rob would need at least $5,000 to buy Hudson’s KidWalk.

We hoped, if we were lucky, that we might be able to raise a couple of thousand dollars to put towards it.

We knew we wanted to help but didn’t dare to dream that it would be more than a helping hand towards their goal.

Once the event was underway, we learnt that with maintenance and upkeep the full cost of the KidWalk over its six-year life span will be closer to $12,000.

And that this is just the beginning of the aids, therapies and assistance that this little boy will need.

Well ladies we are beyond thrilled to make our announcement this evening….but first, let’s rattle off a few stats that might interest you.

Most Popular Bundle And Other Stats!

We’ve had 302 sales to date plus some very kind donations.

144 of the sales were for the full set of tutorials

1213 Bundles sold all together

Plus 186 Bonus Bundles given away

So which was the most popular Tutorial Bundle???

219 of 1 - Christmas

193 of 2 - Masculine

197 of 3 - Punch Art

179 of 4 - Kids' Birthdays

185 of 5 - Scrapbooking

240 of 6 - Bags, Boxes & Gifts

That makes Bags, Boxes & Gifts the clear winner, followed by Christmas.
We all love our 3D items by the sounds of it, and festive inspiration always comes in handy.

49 people paid for challenge entry across the 3 weeks (with a few more overnight to add to that tally.)

Genna Gifford’s free sample tutorial has been downloaded 299 times

Prize Goodies

With the last few prize winners announced today, over this 3 weeks we will have sent out

*  21 giveaway prizes,
* and 11 major prizes!!

We hope our lucky winners are having lots of fun with their papercrafting goodies. 

We thank Stampin’ Up! Australia very much for their generous donated box of wonderful products.


We were hoping to give you progress reports along the way of the funds raised but we hit a few hiccups with the Paypal system that made that tricky.
We thank you for your patience.

We are now thrilled to announce that to date the lovely members of the world wide crafting community, and the wider community, have donated ….

……………..drum roll please …………

A whopping $16,000

Yes it really is an unbelievable amount.
This is enough to pay for that wonderful KidWalk to get Hudson on the move, and with funds left over to go towards other equipment and aids that will help with Hudson’s development and day to day care.

For example, Hudson is getting too big now for his cot but cannot go into a regular bed.

He needs a special bed with rails and this fundraising project can help make that a possibility too.

How exciting to know that we’ll be ‘Helping Hudson’ and his family in such a range of ways.
And for so many years to come!

Before we sign off ..... where to from here? 

This brings us to the end of the main events of our fundraising project.  It is not quite over yet though. 

We have a wonderful wonderful resource here in the exceptional tutorial bundles.  We will be keeping this blog here until the end of September and you are able to purchase tutorials until that time.

So if you are just discovering us, or if you've decided you'd like some extra bundles, you have until September 30th to make your selection. 

You can find details about the bundles and how to make your payment on this page:   Tutorial Bundles

If you've made a project that is inspired by one of the tutorials we'd love to see it. 
We'll have a post just below this one tomorrow for you to link to your creation if you'd like to share it with the Helping Hudson community. 

And of course we'll be back at the end of September with an updated total. 
As well, we'll post that photo we're all so looking forward to of Hudson with his new KidWalk once it arrives.

In Closing ......

We’ve been simply overwhelmed by your support and generosity.

We know that together we’ve made a huge difference to Hudson’s life.

Thank you.


  1. What an absolutely fantastic result!

    Thanks so much to all the girls that were involved with the projects, I can't wait to get my fingers dirty with them.

    All the very best to Tina & Rob, and of course that gorgeous little man Hudson, I truly hope this makes your lives a tiny bit easier.


  2. Oh my goodness, what an AMAZING result, how fantastic that not will only Hudson have his kid walker but also a lovely new bed too, that is just amazing, well done HH team you did a tremendous job. Best wishes to you TIna too and your family. :)Melissa

  3. Wow!!!!! Such fantastic news, I'm sure it will make a huge difference to Hudson & his family.
    Angela x

  4. Well done Everybody...that's such a massive result!!!

    Hope life becomes a little bit easier for the family & especially Hudson. It's great to see friends getting much needed help!!!

    Karlene :)

  5. I have been completely blown off my feet with how amazingly this event has been. Thanks so much to all of you for joining in with the challenges, answering our daily questions! The tutorial bundles have been so popular, I really cant believe how much you all loved them, but it really is no wonder with how great they are. ;) Thanks so much to all the HH team for letting me be involved, the millions of emails have been great to keep me busy each day! I will miss them! But most of all a big thankyou to Tina for letting me become part of her life, and sharing news of her little man Hudson with me every day!
    Thanks everyone, I am so glad we get to end this adventure on such a high! :)

  6. This is a fantastic result and it was a great to be a small part of it...can't wait to see that photo.

  7. Outstanding effort everybody!! Talk about getting the tears flowing, but for all the right reasons....All the best to Hudson and his family :-)

  8. WOW what an outstanding result! Well done everyone!

  9. Wow that is brilliant!!!!!! As a mother of a special needs kid (teenager actually) I know the amount of time money and most important lots of help and love required. So I am glad my little purchase of the tutorial bundles is going to a very special little boy and his family. Can't wait to see the photos of Hudson using his kidwalker!!! Take care Michelle S

  10. Wowzers girls you have done an amazing job. Congratulations to the Helping Hudson team and all those who participated in everyway to make this such a success. Best wishes to Hudson, Tina and family and look forward to a follow up on Hudson a little further down the track.
    Well done girls!

  11. WOW!! That's fabulous! It's been a pleasure and an honour to be involved. Hats off to the Helping Hudson team for getting it all going!


  12. This is such an exciting day for Hudson not only will he get the walker but also so much more on this his mum's birthday. A special thank you must go to all the Helping Hudson Team you have been fantastic and so generous with your time and enthusiam for such a great cause.

  13. Wow= Well Done- I knew you'd get the $5000, but $16,000!!!!!!!!! That's Awesome- I know you must of worked hard so this result is great for you all- as well of course for Hudson and his Family :)
    Wishing them well xxx

  14. AWESOME job everyone!!! I am so so happy that you can help Hudson so much. You all are such amazing talented beautiful women!!

  15. Totally brilliant and awe-inspiring! Way to go ladies!!

  16. Congratulations!!! What an absolutely awesome result!!!

  17. Oh this just brings a tear to your eye!! How wonderful for Hudson, Tina and the family. It just warms your heart to see what we can achieve when we work together to accomplish a goal. One that will change Hudsons life for a long time to come. Thanks so much for all the HH team and what you have all done. Your time, effort and sacrifice is so admirable and look what it has achieved! Thanks so much for allowing us to be part of something so amazing.

  18. I am just wiping away the tears :)!! What a wonderful result for Hudson and his family!!! I feel so honoured to have taken just a small part in this fabulous fundraiser!! I had no doubt what so ever that you would make the $5000, so much work went in from the whole team, but to get to where you did........TOTALLY AWESOME!!
    Sometimes it's a little hard to see good in society, but this just goes to show that people do still care and when they work together truely amazing things can and do happen!!!! Well done to everyone!!! XXXX Sam

  19. CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved in this project!! I didn't get the chance to play along with the challenges as much as I would have liked - but bought all of the tutorials so can't wait to get stuck into some of those. An absolutely fantastic job by all involved. And finally best wishes to Hudson and his family.

  20. wonderful news..well done everyone

  21. What an absolutely amazing result! Congratulations to all involved...your hard work and untiring efforts have been well worth it. Best wishes to Tina and Rob and, of course, a big ((hug)) for Hudson.

  22. Outstanding!! Well done everyone, a great result and how awesome that Tina & Rob can go forward with getting things they need to care for Hudson. Big hugs to all involved for your love and care for a fellow demo and her family, you guys are fantastic - beautiful Guardian Angels for Hudson!! xoxo

  23. Wow! What an awesome result!!! That is so fantastic. Thanks so much to all the team who organised this great project. Thanks to all the contributors who provided the tutorials. They are great! This is just so wonderful!!!
    All the best to Tina and Rob. It will make a huge difference in their lives.
    Jenny xx

  24. It brings tears to my eyes to think of the generosity of everyone to get this result! So happy for Hudson!

  25. CONGRATULATIONS to The Helping Hudson team - you truly are a tremendous inspiration and your generosity and support is simply awesome. I LOVE the tutorials they are of a very very high quality and the projects and just brilliant - thank you so very much.
    To Tina and Rob, may you be blessed with many more miracles, simple magic and true friendship.
    And dear Hudson - you go kid, drive that little walker and venture out into a new and exciting world!!!
    Love and best wishes - God bless xxx

  26. I literally cried when I was reading this, crying of joy! You girls are absolutely FANTASTIC, and you deserve all the praise and appreciation for what you've achieved for this little boy. YOU ROCK!!!! WOOHOO!!!