Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Only 3 days in, our fundraising is going "great guns", and daily we get closer to our goal of helping Hudson be more mobile and independent!

So many of you have generously contributed to Hudson's cause, and we are eternally grateful.  Thank you, to each and every one of you, whether you are able to make a small or large donation.  Please continue to stop back every day to join in the fun, and don't forget to keep spreading the word!

In this post, we would like to formally express our gratitude to Kathy Racoosin.  None of us know Kathy personally, but she has today donated a considerable amount of money towards helping Hudson get his wheels!  Kathy, we are blown away - THANK YOU.  This means so much to Tina and Rob, Hudson and their family, and all of us working towards this wonderful goal!!

Please take the time to visit Kathy's blog, and become a "follower".  She has the most amazing creations to share, and she has a huge heart!!

Love, the "Helping Hudson" team xx


  1. Wow! I just checked out Kathy's site... AWESOME! What brilliant creations! And to know she's also so generous... What a woman!

  2. What a lovely world we live in with so many lovely people. Very heart warming.

  3. Its actions like this that make me give thanks for trusting and believing in the human race.I am lost for words......a very talented person.....a very generous lady......and one who deserves all the good things that come her way.
    Christine D

  4. Kathy's work is stunning. :)

    Just wondering, if you will be putting a progress meter of some kind so we can see how the fundraising is going and hopefully watch that $5000 target get well and truly passed.

  5. Helping Hudson has made me feel really proud and filled with love to be part of the Stampin' Up! family.
    Yes please I would also love to see some sort of progress meter.
    Will go and check Kathy's blog now.x