Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thank You, Your Support Is Amazing

Behind the scenes we have been working hard on this fundraiser to change Hudson's life. We are so grateful for the support everyone is giving to this project.  While working on this we have come to understand that this is not just about Hudson's KidWalk but so much more - it is about Hudson's future.
With the support that is flowing in ....
We will be making Tina and Rob's life that little bit easier - whether that is easier physically with specialised equipment to help with Hudson's development or with day to day life, or just a bit easier not having to be on so many waiting lists for things that they know would benefit their young son!
We will be making way for lots more happy times with Hudson's brother and sister!
We are paving the way for easier travelling for the family as a whole!
Our help will assist his carers at Kindergarten and Primary School in future years, and will also help with his therapy!

Together we'll be making a real difference for Hudson to help him get the most out of life.
It is an amazing feeling knowing that one little act of kindness can spread so far and wide and that there will be benefits that last for many years to come.

With that in mind until August 22nd we will be working very hard promoting our cause, the events on this blog and the exceptional value tutorials we are offering, while we aim for bigger and better goals.

We hope you can continue this journey with us and that you will eagerly await our big announcement on August 22nd when we share what we've all achieved for Hudson, with the wonderful support of the world wide crafting community.


  1. It is nice to read your fund raising is going well!! I have just recieved my tutorials today and I have to say I am very impressed with the variety and quality of the projects, I'm off to make the "fridge calender" tonight & will post on my blog too.

    I will up date my blog some time over the weekend - my little boy had his "Kid Walker" delivered today, I just need a photo of him!!! Now its lots of practise!!!

  2. Oh, Angela, how exciting! You received your tutorials (lovely, aren't they?!), but most excitingly your son has wheels!! Look forward to seeing the photos. Thank you for sharing your news with us. Much love to you and your darling, newly-mobile, boy. Thank you for helping us help Hudson. Christine xx

  3. That is great news Angela!! wow he must be so excited. Please put a photo up - I would love to see him in his walker. Top news to hear the blog is going well.... but to be expected with these amazing women that are behind it. Congratulations girls!

  4. How exciting Angela!!! I'm sure it will change your lives as much as we hope Hudson's will change ours. All the best to you and your family.