Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day Nine Giveaway *WINNER*

We have a winner, drawn at random, from the 58 comments received, telling us your favourite stamping technique!

Our winner for today's prize, along with the BONUS U-Stamp Pass, is lucky comment number 55, from .......

** GEMMA **

Congratulations to you, Gemma!  Thanks everyone for taking part - you never know your luck, so please keep commenting on the 'question of the day'.

Gemma, please email us at helpinghudson@josi.com.au, with your full name and address, so we can get your prize out to you.  You will then be contacted separately by Kathryn Mangelsdorf, who is generously donating the U-Stamp Pass.

Everyone, please note that any prizes not claimed within 48 hours will form part of a random prize draw on 25th August.


  1. COngrats Gemma!!!!! Enjoy your prize

  2. woo hoo Gemma!! I thought it was Genna for a moment there. lol congratulations

  3. OMG!!!! I never win anything - am sooooo excited!!

  4. Hi Gemma, Congratulations on winning the giveaway. I will be in touch with the Helping Hudson Team for your email address so I can forward this to UStamp with Dawn and Friends, you will love it!

  5. Yay, Gemma! Thanks for taking part, and don't forget to keep coming back to answer those daily questions :)