Tuesday, August 10, 2010


As we proceed into the second week of this fantastic "Helping Hudson" effort, we are absolutely blown away by how overwhelmingly GOOD people are.

We'd like to take a moment to thank you all, once again, for everything you have done, and are doing, to help us help gorgeous little Hudson.

One person who deserves a special mention is Kirsty Boote, from Victoria. Kirsty has only just signed up as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, as part of the wider team of most of us on the "Helping Hudson" team. We have yet to meet you Kirsty - but look out, when we do, there are big hugs coming your way! When Kirsty read Tina's story, about what we are hoping to achieve for Hudson, she personally donated $500 to our cause. Kirsty, your generosity is incredible, and we would like you to know that we are extremely grateful.

A WONDERFUL family in Western Australia, who wish to remain anonymous, have made a huge donation to "Helping Hudson", after reading about his needs. We are very, very grateful to these beautiful people - thank you!!

We have, in recent days, received another equally generous donation, but no name was attached to the payment that was made into the Helping Hudson bank account. We really would like to be able to thank the person(s) who made this payment so, if it was not intended to be anonymous, please do step forward and let us know who you are. We can be contacted privately at helpinghudson@josi.com.au

Heartfelt thanks, from the entire "Helping Hudson" team xx


  1. This event has really highlighted how amazing and generous and good some people really are. Thank you everyone for all your support! This is an amzing journey and I am so glad that you are all on it with us!

  2. Wow how amazing of you Kirsty!!! How special of you to be so generous. I get so excited everyday from this blog - it just warms my heart, so many beautiful generous people out there.

  3. I agree with Kylie-Jo. I get warm fuzzy feelings ever time I come onto this blog as it reminds me of how generous SU demos and the crafting community as a whole, are :)

  4. If ever our faith in human nature wanes, we just need to think about the remarkable generosity that has been displayed along the way, with "Helping Hudson". It brings tears to my eyes!! Thank you, everyone!!

  5. Oh My Gosh, way to go Kirsty, that is amazing and fabulous all rolled into one, and what better cause? Kirsty, you rock!!!