Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Contributor Profile: Lisa Jansen

I just love getting to know all our tutorial contributors a little better.

Here's Lisa Jansen who contributed a memo cube holder to our Bags, Boxes and Gifts bundle, plus a Colour Me Card (great gift idea!) for our Kids' Birthdays Bundle. 

Let's find out some more about Lisa ....

"My name is Lisa Jansen and I am a Stampin’ Up! Demo in Perth, WA. I am happily married with 2 kids, Ryan is 4 and Alannah is 3. I joined Stampin’ Up! nearly 2 years ago purely as a Hobby Demo with the intention of doing a few workshops in order to pay for my kit. Well, 2 years later I have an awesome team of 15 girls and was thrilled to recently attend the Managers’ Reception at the recent Sydney Convention. I actually got to meet Shelli Gardner!!

Its funny how Stampin’ Up! just takes on a mind of its own! Now I run classes and workshops and training events for my team and love every minute of it. It boosts my family income and gives me time to enjoy all the free goodies I have earned through Stampin’ Up!! I also run kids classes in school holidays and this has led to my total career change. I have been in the finance industry for the past 12 years, but next year I am going back to school to become a teacher!!

One of the most amazing things that Stampin’ Up! brings are the relationships with fellow demonstrators and customers. They really are the most amazing people and most don’t think twice about donating their time or supplies for a charity event (just like this one!!). It is wonderful to be a part of the Stampin’ Up! family."

Lisa Jansen

You can visit Lisa at her blog:  Stamp Me Silly

Ph: 0414944815            Email: ljansen@westnet.com.au


  1. Wow 2 years as a demo and 15 in ur team!! I'm jealous!!! :P

  2. I was Lisa's first recruit and we live a very, very long distance away but she has been so wonderful and helpful! I couldn't ask for a better up-line...wish we were closer so we could craft together more often, one day hopefully!