Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day Twenty One Giveaway Question

Well, we've finally reached the last giveaway question.  We hope you've enjoyed answering the questions - we've certainly enjoyed reading them.  The best part would have to have been giving the prizes away.  We've loved reading the excited emails from the daily winners - we hope you all enjoy your prizes.  Thank you to Stampin' Up! Australia for their generosity in donating the products for us to give away.

So, the final question is:

What has been your favourite part of the Helping Hudson experience?

Because it's the last daily question, the Helping Hudson team have given an answer too.

My favourite part was seeing the paper crafting community get behind this great cause! It really showed off how fabulously talented and generous so many people are! It was great to spend the last three weeks being excited about Helping Hudson with you all!

My favourite part of the whole experience is seeing how much kindness there is in people. To see everyday how much people want to help, not just financially but all the good wishes of people too. It has helped me see how much positivity there is in this world.
When we first banded together, to get this fundraiser happening, we thought our goal was rather lofty, but I personally hoped we'd raise at least $1000! Little did I know, what extraordinary things can be achieved by 'ordinary' people!

I have two "favourite" parts about my involvement with "Helping Hudson". The first is the unbreakable bond that we, a group of 7 mothers, have forged, all in the name of helping a friend. The mind-blowing, overwhelming, part has been the collective generosity of the stamping, scrapbooking, and wider, community. It is incredibly heartwarming to bear witness to so much inherent GOOD in people. Thank you, every one of you, for the "warm fuzzies" and tears (of joy) that you've caused me to experience over the past 3 weeks!
My favourite part of the Helping Hudson experience .... Ooh hard to pick just one. I guess it is just the fabulous feeling of helping to put together a project that brought so many wonderful talented warm crafty people together to help little Hudson. I think my favourite part will be seeing a photo of him with his new KidWalk. And I know the bonds I've developed with the planning team, and the warm feelings that have been generated here by all the people who've supported the project with tutorials, challenge entries, the daily giveaway questions and more - those will last well beyond today
I have loved the outpouring of love and kindness from around the globe – one little smiling lad in South Australia has touched the hearts of so many people and together we have achieved the most amazing result – freedom for Hudson - something every child should have the pleasure of. Thank you for reaffirming for me that there really are beautiful and generous people in the world.

And I’d also like to say thank you for an opportunity to work with a team of the most amazing Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators – the HH team have all grown very close and I will miss our 100+ emails every day as we have worked very hard to make this a success – we’ve had gasps of surprise as the tutorials flooded in from so many lovely people; whoops of delight as the funds flowed in, tears of frustration and angst as we hit the odd hurdle or two ... And through it all we have become a fabulous group of friends .....

So thanks to everyone from the bottom of my heart – I’d do it again in a heartbeat ...... GO HUDSON!
Being involved in the Helping Hudson project has been an amazingly uplifting experience. I started out just wanting to help a little boy and his family and was satisfied that this would be more than enough reward on its own. I just wasn’t prepared for the impact that being involved would have on me. I’ve been overwhelmed by how caring and generous some people can be and I’ve been so impressed by the sense of community that has enveloped the event with so much willingness to donate tutorials, enter challenges and giveaways, and of course buy tutorials. I’ve cemented some amazing friendships and established new ones. I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve realised hard work doesn’t seem so hard when the right motivation and support is there. But most of all, I’ve been astounded by how wonderful it feels to be able to say I was a part of it! I’m just so humbled and proud and can’t wait to meet the little guy himself!
I can't even begin to narrow it down to one favouite part.  I've loved every moment, but mostly:
 - the strong friendships I've built within the HH team - what an amazing bunch of women I am eternally grateful to call friends
 - the generosity of the wider papercrafting community.  The people who donated tutorials, who helped behind the scenes, the people who purchased our tutorials or entered our challenges and those who made donations.  You're all amazing!  I wish I could thank each and every one of you personally.
 - those of you, and there are a lot out there, who have shared with me how disability has affected their lives in many different ways.  Thank you for sharing with me and helping me to know that I'm not alone.  It can be very lonely to be a parent of a child with a disability, but I don't feel so lonely anymore.
But, if I have to pick one best part, it is that Hudson will get his KidWalk!
Thank you a million times over!
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  1. Reading this question and scrolling down and finding out that Hudson will be getting his KIDWALKER ... I am so glad I joined all the fun and bought the most fantastic tutorials and was able to help Hudson out!

    Well done to all the Helping Hudson team with such an excellent 3 weeks ... no stopping Hudson now!

  2. Absolutely without a doubt the best part of this is knowing that Hudson will get his walker!!! I am in tears! Thank you to the Helping Hudson team who made this possible for such a sweet, gorgeous and brave little man. It's been a pleasure to be involved in every way during this time. Hugs to all. xx

  3. It's fantastic that Hudson will get his walker! I'm thrilled to bits!

    I think the best part for me has been crafting for a cause - I really like the feeling that I'm doing something positive :)

  4. for me the most rewarding part about being part of HH has been able to do something i love (creating Cards) and at the same time helping out with a very deserving cause,

    i would like to say a very big WELL DONE to the ladies who orgsnised this blog, and to Hudson you have been a big inspiration, to see your big smile after all you deal with, is a big eye opener that in order to get through a smile helps

  5. Woo Hoo, it is fabulous news to know that Hudson will receive his kidwalker - yay go Hudson!!! The team at HH have done an amazing job - well done guys you should be so proud of yourselves, and I am blown away over how so many crafters have banded together to help make this succeed, there truly are amazing and generous people out there and kind of restores your faith in human kindness. Well done to everyone who helped make it happen. Now, 3 challenges to catch up on.....

  6. Seeing such a simple thing of some crafty people making a card or two and joining in the fun to help out Hudson, someone who most of us will never meet, has been truly inspirational! Just shows the difference a little help from everyone can make things happen!! Congratulations to the Hudson team who have made this such a success!!!

  7. Honestly, seeing that sweet boys face everyday and knowing i am helping him have a better life......the tutorial was pretty awesome too.

  8. Congratulations ladies - mission accomplished - so happy to hear that Hudson will get his walker! I love that you have all made a real difference through doing what we love....

  9. I agree with the other ladies, the absolute best part of all this for me has been that we have achieved our goal of getting Hudson a Kidwalker!!
    It is so great to see everyone in the stamping community get together for such a wonderful cause. We really are a generous bunch :D

  10. Knowing we have reached our goal!

  11. Completing the challenges, for a good cause

  12. When i first heard of the event from one of the HH team I was really excited about helping a little boy! Knowing that he will get his walker and seeing everyday the support that has rallied around has been an awesome thing to be part of!

  13. this bunch of 7 ladies are amazing and I am happy to know I've been able to help you reached your goal!!

  14. That is fantastic news that Hudson is getting this walker, it is with such excitment and enjoyment that I have participated in the last three weeks. Thanks so much to everyone who have contributed especially the HH Team who I meet most of them at SU Convention and they are such beautiful caring people.

  15. The energy that this site has - just beautiful, congratulations on reaching such a worthy goal

  16. The best thing is that this wonderful goal was achieved and that we all had so much fun along the way.

  17. To me it is just being able to help - I did not participate in the challenges - well except for one of the last ones but knowing my purchase of tutorials/challenges helped to buy the walker I am satisfied. I have a blessed life and the fact that I can help others keeps me going. All the best to Hudson for the future ahead - and enjoy your walker.

  18. It would have to be that Hudson recieves a much needed Kidwalker because of all the wonderful people willing to support such a great cause, behind the scenes and the wider community world wide. Fantastic Effort everyone!!!

  19. It is just awesome to know that Hudson will get his walker! It was great to be involved in just a small way for such a wonderful cause. Congrats to the team that masterminded the whole thing and I'm sure you have the blue-prints for other successful fundraisers down the track. It was wonderful to see many people from the Stampin' Community band together.

  20. I think besides knowing that Hudson will now be getting his walker and seeing his face would be priceless, the fact that everyone has come together for such a great cause. Seeing the HH Team put together all this work and everything has been totally donated for the love of a child is the best thing for me...Go Hudson Go

  21. My favourite part so far has been seeing the kindness and generosity of so many people, but I think my favourite over all will be seeing a pic of Hudson in action in his KidWalker!! Well done to the Helping Hudson team!

  22. The amazing energy and warmth that this site has created. It is wonderful to see what can be achieved by a group of caring and lovely people. Congratulations to everyone and well done on reaching your goal of getting Hudson his kidwalker.

  23. The favourite part has to be the fact that Hudson will get his walker and that is fantastic, but equally fantastic is the love and compassion of the team who "made it happen". Congratulations to each of you.

  24. Knowing that Hudson will get his walker is definitely the best part for me!

  25. Watching the community get together for a stranger! It's something that doesn't happen a lot these days and it's so nice to see some old fashioned virtues out there!

    Congrats to the HH team! You'll all be nominated for the Heart of Stampin' Up! Award next year!


  26. There are lots of favourites but one would be reading about the members of the Helping Hudson team

  27. I loved getting my tutorials, and it was an easy way to help out for a great cause by doing something that I am interested in. I am so pleased that Hudson will get his walker! Congratuations to all those who were the push behind this idea! You did an amazing job!!!

  28. My favourtite moment? The big fat smile I got on my face reading everyone else's comments and what fabulous news it is to hear that Hudson will get his walker and Tina and Robert will get to see him use it knowing full well what that means to all of them!

    Congratulations to you all. Restores your faith in humanity eh? :)

  29. My favourite part of this whole experience is that Hudson will get his walker.I have been thrilled to read of the generosity of crafters from all i=over the world.We in turn should be proud of each and everyone of us who have logged on every day just to see what was new.
    thanks for all the effort put in by those who know what they did

  30. The true sense of community from all over the world.

  31. The spirit of all involved, from the ones who have donated their time and their effort, to those who have been there every step (wheel roll) of the way.
    It has been great to watch and read about everyone and their thoughts.
    Best wishes to Hudson and his family with all the future and may everyday be a brighter day for all the work that has been put in place on this one small blog, but has reached many people, (even world wide). WELL DONE TO ALL INVOLVED.

  32. My favourite part would have to be the overwhelming support that has been given, unconditionally, by so many in the stamping/crafting community! Whether it be in the organisation of this fundraiser, contributors to the tutorials, participants in the challenges and most especially those who have donated to this worthwhile cause. Congratualations everyone!